Construction hampers parking for Milw. Public Market

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A massive construction project on I-794 is underway in downtown Milwaukee. An entire span of the overpass is being torn down. In the process, some 120 parking spots for the Milwaukee Public Market are going away.

The market's Paul Schwartz says employees have sacrificed street parking nearby for spots blocks away.

"Moving away just so we can accommodate just as many daily spaces as we have now for customers," said Schwartz.

Mike Kornacki works in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward.

"We have a lot of contract workers who don't have parking spots right now. But they are kind of struggling in the morning," said Kornacki.

However, co-worker Michael Seidel is not really fazed by all the orange construction signs.

"I work down here and I generally bike or take the bus so it hasn't really impacted me," said Seidel.

Employees and shoppers can take free shuttles to get to and from the market.

"We have street parking, around the perimeter of the market, there are open lots," said Schwartz.

Plus, the bridge project will only be imposing on the market's parking for the next month.