Conservatives tell President Obama, "We did build it"

WAUKESHA -- While supporters of President Barack Obama waited in line to hear him speak near the Summerfest grounds Saturday, conservatives held a rally of their own in Waukesha.

Organizers say the event was planned long before the president's visit was announced. The inspiration was a speech in July when President Obama said "if you have a business, you didn't build that." The context of that speech is Obama highlighting the help business owners had from mentors and taxpayer-funded infrastructure like roads and bridges.

Critics say the speech shows the president is clueless when it comes to job creation.

"I feel really sorry for the state that we're in when the president of our country can come on and say something that ludicrous," business owner Mike Wabiszewski said.

In addition to the rally, the Mitt Romney campaign bought digital billboards throughout Milwaukee highlighting the 220 days that passed since the president's last visit.

"I think it's a good sign he feels he has to come here because Wisconsin is definitely in play and we should be. Let's face it, I think the voters of Wisconsin are fiscally conservative," Sen. Ron Johnson (R - Wisconsin) said.

With the theme of "We Did Build It," various speakers, including Sen. Johnson, attacked President Obama's record on federal spending and unemployment. Several business owners on hand said the July speech showed Obama's inability to relate to them.

"I wish Barack Obama would come and run my business for a week or a month so he could understand what it is to meet a payroll, to build a business," Dave Clark said.

In response to the backlash, the Obama campaign launched a website featuring the entire July speech.