Congressman Paul Ryan: "ISIS is al-Qaeda 3.0 -- We have to deal with this threat"

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The ISIS terror group has published a video titled “A second message to America,” showing the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff. The news broke as Congressman Paul Ryan was speaking at the Rotary Club in Milwaukee on Tuesday, September 2nd.

Congressman Ryan was visibly shaken as he heard the news, and asked for a moment of silence in Sotloff's honor. He then delivered a powerful statement -- saying the United States must take action against ISIS.

"I think we should all say a prayer.  Why don't we have a moment of silence for Steve Sotloff," Congressman Ryan said in Milwaukee on Tuesday.

Congressman Ryan paused, and then delivered a stern warning to his audience and to the broader public: The American military must destroy the threat immediately.

"If we don't do it here and now, it will come to get us. We know where they are. We know what territory they have, so while this is measurable, we should have and execute a campaign to defeat ISIS," Congressman Ryan said.

ISIS has become shorthand for a brutal band of terrorists. Many in Milwaukee became familiar with ISIS when Marquette graduate James Foley was beheaded by an ISIS militant.

"It hit home here in Milwaukee because James Foley was a Marquette guy.  Those of us who have been reading the intelligence reports, going to these briefings have seen this terrorist organization rise very quickly," Congressman Ryan said.

Congressman Ryan is the chairman of the powerful Budget Committee. As a key voice in crafting national policy, he's regularly briefed at the highest levels on international threats like ISIS.

"ISIS is a terrorist organization unlike any we've seen before.  They're like al-Qaeda 3.0," Congressman Ryan said.

Congressman Ryan, speaking at the Rotary Club of Milwaukee Tuesday, said the United States has a responsibility to all of humanity.

"If we do not stand up to this kind of violent Jihad-ism forcefully as the superpower of the world, and finish this problem, then what does that say to tomorrow's jihadists? On behalf of civilization, we have to deal with this threat comprehensively and swiftly now, and that is what I want to see from our Commander-in-Chief," Congressman Ryan said.

Congressman Ryan criticized President Obama on his foreign policy -- saying the administration's policies in Iraq and Syria created a vacuum of power that led to the rise of ISIS.

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