Confronting discrimination of any kind

You know when you meet somebody and you think - they are somebody.   That's how Katrina Cravy felt when she first met Hannah Rosenthal on a planning committee for Sheperd Express’ Woman Up! event.

Hannah is the President and C-E-O of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation and she has worked hard as an advocate for Jewish causes and for women.

In May, she will be accepting the Milwaukee Press Club's Headliners Award for making a positive difference in our community.  As a press club board member, Katrina had the chance to talk more with Hannah and found out her biggest accomplishment recently is becoming a grandmother to little Henry.

She wants him to grow up in a world that hates discrimination and where people stand up to injustice.

Hannah says, “People go to their Thanksgiving dinner and their crazy uncle is out there spewing racism and they all roll their eyes but nobody confronts them because you don’t want a family fight at Thanksgiving but the children who are sitting at that table and hear that think it’s okay if nobody confronts it.”