Concerned over loss of public land: Some not pleased with plans for Kohler golf course

SHEBOYGAN CO. (WITI) -- Some people are not pleased with the plans for another private golf course in Sheboygan County.

For some 20 years, Sheboygan County's Kohler-Andrae State Park has been a destination for Chuck McLaughlin and his daughter.

"Beautiful park. All state parks are beautiful," McLaughlin said.

So, when McLaughlin heard talk of losing any portion of this public land, he wasn't happy.

"Anytime you cut into people`s recreation area, you`re hitting a soft, hard spot, so I don`t really appreciate that," McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin is referring to the Kohler company's proposed Town of Wilson location for the construction of a new golf course, and he's not alone in his concern.

"It cannot be destroyed. It cannot be destroyed," Carolyn Dell said.

Dell is with the "Friends of Black River Forest" -- a group which is opposed first, to the plan to build a course just north of Kohler-Andrae State Park -- right along the lakeshore.

"To deforest a major portion of a swath between Kohler-Andrae Park and a forested, residential," Dell said.

It's not just the location of the course which is causing concern for the group. It's also the access to the road, which would involve 3.8 acres of what is currently state-owned land.

"They're taking state land, an easement of state land, and building a storage shed, and a road that goes right through our riding trail. walking trails, biking trails," Dell said.

Dell says nothing should be built in an area she describes as a pristine, spiritual place of healing.

"I can't explain it. I'll start crying if I do, but even if you never, ever could be there again, at least it would still be intact. It needs to remain as it is," Dell said.

FOX6 News contacted the Kohler company for this story -- but we're told no comment was available.