'Concerned about the structural integrity:' Fire damages building in West Milwaukee

WEST ALLIS -- Firefighters on Monday morning, Feb. 3 responded to the scene of abusiness  fire near 52nd and Burnham in West Milwaukee. The call came in around 6:45 a.m.

"Upon arrival, we had a small fire that we were able to get some water on right away. But it got up into the ceiling, it’s an old building so we were concerned about the structural integrity of the building, so we had to back our crews out and just fight it from the outside, and unfortunately, when the fire gets up into the attic area it's hard to get water on it," said Deputy Fire Chief Mike Blackwood.

Authorities say the building was mostly metal construction -- which can weaken quickly in a fire.

No one was hurt.

The fire was contained to one building -- which is expected to be a total loss.