Computer glitch forces officials to hold inmates scheduled for release

FRANKLIN (WITI) -- A computer system is back up and running as of Monday evening, May 13th. This, after a computer system failure led to inmates being held at the House of Correction and the downtown jail past their release dates.

Officials say when inmates are eligible for release, they must have a final background check done to ensure there are no existing warrants for them in the system. A state computer system that performs this function was out of service for part of the day Sunday and most of Monday.

As a result, inmates scheduled to be released on Sunday and Monday were not able to be released -- leaving family members upset.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele's spokesman said 26 people were affected in Franklin at the HOC, and 64 were affected in downtown Milwaukee.

As of Monday evening, inmates were having background checks run, and were planning to be released.