Complaints of cutting in line from those in Black Friday lines at Bayshore

GLENDALE -- Black Friday lines at Bayshore Town Center in Glendale were long Thursday night. In lines of people waiting to get into Sears, some told FOX6 News there were people cutting lines. Others complained Black Friday (or Gray Thursday) at Bayshore was disorganized.

Customers waiting outside Sears at Bayshore Thursday night were excited -- waiting for a ticket showing they had earned the right for first dibs on a 50-inch TV for $499. Some had been waiting for hours -- sacrificing time with their families on Thanksgiving.

"Last year I waited seven hours for my flat screen TV, and I'm glad I did," one customer said.

Most of those waiting in line on the east side of the Sears store were civil. 

"Everybody's been pretty friendly. Nobody with bad attitudes or anything like that. It's not a nightmare of what you hear," one customer told FOX6 News.

On the west side of the store, many customers were getting impatient, and some complained about cutting in line.

Sharon Bledsoe told FOX6 News shoppers were under the impression there was only one line to get tickets, and those who had not waited very long went to the front of the line on the other side, with nobody there to guide people.

Despite this, Bledsoe said she was trying to remain calm.

"I'm kind of upset now, but I'm going to wait. Hopefully it's for the best," Bledsoe said.

Bayshore security told FOX6 News early Thursday there would be security officers outside making sure lines didn't get out of hand. Many customers FOX6 News spoke with said they didn't notice any security personnel on hand, and a FOX6 News crew on the scene for a period of time Thursday night didn't see any security personnel either.

FOX6 News called Bayshore Town Center security to ask why there were no security officers outside. A representative said officers do not get out of their vehicles unless it "looks chaotic." When FOX6 News described some of the customers' complaints, the security representative referred FOX6 News to Sears.