Community posts signs asking people to "stop pooping on bike path"

ILLINOIS (WITI) -- You'd think it was a sign intended for dogs, but it's actually directed at people. In the town of Hampton, Illinois, signs have been added along a bike path reading "Stop pooping on bike path."

Hampton's Public Works Supervisor, Scott McKay, says the reason for the signs is because for two years they've been finding poop on the bike path -- and they believe it comes from a human.

"It's just pretty nasty to talk about. Animals don't carry toilet paper and then stuff it on the top," said McKay.

McKay says the person responsible leaves toilet paper on top of the poop every single time. They are still trying to figure out why a person would do this in the first place, as there are public restrooms nearby.

"It's gross and other people shouldn't have to use our path like that," said McKay.

The newly posted signs will hopefully help the situation, says Mckay.