Community groups circulate petition to remove Chief Flynn

MILWAUKEE -- A new push to get rid of Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn comes after four police officers are charged with conducting illegal body cavity searches, and the feds launch and investigation into Derek Williams death. A community group officially launched their campaign hoping to get thousands of signatures in support of getting rid of Chief Flynn.

Community Activist Tory Lowe says, "The Williams family, and the public want Police Chief Flynn to go. So right now, that would probably be a good thing for as the people's concern." Lowe organized this petition drive asking for the chief's resignation, because of what some officers under his command have been accused of doing.

Four Milwaukee police officers have been criminally charged for allegedly conducting illegal body cavity searches on people they believe possessed drugs. There's also an investigation into the death of Derek Williams, a man who died in the back of a squad car. "The people do have a voice, and we hope that this voice will let them know that the police chief has to step down because the trust is not there."

Fire and Police Commission Executive Director Michael Tobin says, "It's the commission's job as a board of community members to take into consideration everything, and they will do that in no matter what form that it comes in."

Lowe is hoping to get enough signatures by the winter, and then submit them to the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission.

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