Common Council president calls FPC departures 'concerning'

Another member of the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission is stepping down. Tammy Majewski said this decision is due to the “climate at City Hall”.  Her resignation letter alleges she was the victim of bullying and racism. 

In her letter, FPC Chief of Staff Tammy Majewski says leaving the board has nothing to do with her actual duties. 

Among the allegations against the FPC and others, Majewski wrote that commissioners: “…are working based on their own relationships, egos and personal agendas," adding that she has been the victim of bullying and racism, filing a complaint on July 16.

"If the allegations she mentions are true, they are certainly unacceptable," said Alderman Cavalier Johnson, Milwaukee Common Council president.

Johnson said Majewski’s allegations should be investigated. She is the third member of the FPC to exit in a few days. Executive Director Griselda Aldrete officially resigned on Friday, Oct. 30 before her replacement was chosen. Commissioner Raymond Robakowski also resigned on Friday. 

"The Fire and Police Commission has had a number of concerning departures," said Alderman Johnson.

These departures leave the FPC with six members, among other vacancies. 

"There have been a number of people who have resigned, who have been fired, who had gone on extended leave for a host of reasons," said Alderman Johnson.

Johnson believes the commission should be expanded to nine members, which is the limit allowed by the state. He says crucial departures are happening as the city searches for permanent police and fire chiefs. He is calling on the mayor’s office to provide a public update on who will be running the FPC in the meantime. 

"It’s critically important we have leadership," he said.

The update from the mayor is expected during the Steering and Rules Comittee meeting Monday, Nov. 9.

FOX6 News reached out to the mayor’s office on this issue Monday, Nov. 2. We have yet to hear back.