Common Council approves legislation to provide salary incentives to employees who live in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Common Council on Tuesday, May 7 unanimously approved legislation to provide wage/salary incentives to city employees who are or become Milwaukee residents.

According to a news release from Alderwoman Milele Coggs, a task force will be created to study and recommend other incentives that would encourage city employees to obtain and maintain residency in Milwaukee.

Alderwoman Coggs sponsored the legislation in response to statistics that show approximately 1,665 employees have moved outside the city limits, or haven't moved into the city when hired since the state law requiring residency was repealed.

The legislation states that employees who live in the City of Milwaukee:

    “These incentives and the new task force are just a few ways that we are using to show our current and future city employees that we value their service to our Milwaukee community,” said Alderwoman Coggs in the release. “It is our hope that city staff members will take advantage of these incentives and give us feedback on what works for them, with the goal to build a work force deeply committed to and rooted in our city.”

    The Wisconsin Legislature changed the 75-year-old residency requirement in 2013, and the move was upheld by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in 2016.