Colorado wildfires hit close to home for one Caledonia woman

CALEDONIA -- For most in southeastern Wisconsin, the Colorado wildfires may seem like a world away, but one Caledonia woman is living through the wildfires through her sister, who lives in Colorado Springs.

Karisa Lietz-Jutzonka's sister Nicole lives in Colorado Springs, near where wildfires have destroyed hundreds of homes and displaced thousands.  Each day, Nicole sends back pictures from out her window and calls her sister with updates.

LIetz-Jutzonka said her nerves were on edge, knowing she couldn't be there to help.

"I'm here and she's there. What can I do to help? I'm there in spirit, in mind and I'm always on my phone," Lietz-Jutzonka said.

This week, concerns for the family got even worse, when Nicole reported having trouble breathing as smoke intensified. Not only that, but Nicole has a pregnant daughter at home.

"The smoke at one point was so bad.  She lives in an apartment and she had to close her windows and she's got no air conditioning," Lietz-Jutzonka said.

However, finally there appeared to be relief as of Sunday, July 1st, as crews estimated 45 percent of the fire was contained. 

Lietz-Jutzonka said she hopes the worst is over for her sister and her family.

"She's relaxing a little bit. She's still on edge, but she's hanging in there. I pray that everything will go alright and it does just peter out and we don't have to go through this again," Lietz-Jutzonka said.

Lietz-Jutzonka is trying to collect items for those in Colorado who lost their homes. She encourages anyone who would like to donate, to give to the American Red Cross.

CLICK HERE for more information and to donate through the American Red Cross.

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