Collectors show up in droves for huge estate sale in Muskego

MUSKEGO -- For two generations, a Muskego family collected goods from its businesses and purchases and now, those goods are being made available to the public. It's everything an antique collector can ask for - shelves upon shelves of collectibles, dating back to the 1940s!

Estate sales are nothing new for Darin Grabowski, who owns a resale store in Milwaukee. However, Monday, April 9th was a personal shopping day. Collectors like Grabowski had a field day, sifting through unopened items and coming away with whatever they could carry. "There's so much retro and antique items here. It's like they've been saving for 100 years," Grabowski said.

Starting at 10:00 Monday morning, organizers let small groups of people inside. Thomas Ewart, who owns the business running Monday's estate sale, says homes like these are more common than you may think. "I average about 85 homes a year, and see half-a-dozen of these, different degrees," Ewart said.

Outside, hundreds waited to hear their number called. People began parking at 4:30 Sunday afternoon - making Bob Bridgford's three-hour wait seem like a breeze! "Whatever catches the eye. Nothing in particular, but everyone's looking for a deal. If it comes, it comes," Bridgford said.

The house belonged to a family who, over two generations, owned a TV and radio shop and then, a heating repair business. When everyone passed away, there was no one left to inherit the family's belongings. Collectors and bargain-hunters came in droves Monday, shopping for themselves and buying things to sell to others.

"I'll come back Thursday and then most of the stuff should be picked through, and I'll just pick out the items I really want," Grabowski said.

The house will be open every day this week through Thursday, April 12th, opening at 10:00 a.m. each day. To get in, you just have to show up, and sign up on the waiting list. The Muskego home is located at W191 S7500 Richdorf Drive.

Prices for items range from $.25 to $500.