"Cold weather got me:" Frigid temperatures can zap the life out of your car battery

MILWAUKEE -- The frigid temperatures are tough enough on our vehicles but when they last for any significant length of time, they can prompt some purchases. On Friday, the lunch rush rides into Remy Battery as customers continue to come in to cope with the cold.

"In my personal vehicle, I'm replacing a new battery 'cause she wouldn't start this morning. And I'm buying a second battery for a plow truck I do have at work," said Ron Turner, customer.

"We're starting to see an uptick again and it really is in relation to temperature," said Michael Moeller, President of Remy. "When you notice that slow start on a morning like this, this morning -- it's because that, that battery at a colder temperature has a difficult time to produce the chemical reaction needed to start your, your vehicle."

Remy Battery

Moeller explains the reason is rooted in science.

"A battery at zero degrees Fahrenheit only has about 30 to 40 percent of the capacity a battery at 80 degrees Fahrenheit will have," Moeller said.

Moeller says some may have thought they could skate by without buying a battery. But the continuing cold temperatures are taking a toll.

"I wasn't after replacing the battery if I didn't have to then, but cold weather got me," Turner said.

Obviously using these is what we're all trying to avoid, but if you have to there are some things you should be aware. For instance, both batteries should be of the same voltage. For more tips on jumping and batteries as a whole, CLICK HERE.