Cold and windy weather hits southeast Wisconsin

KEWASKUM -- In the middle of a surprisingly mild season, Friday actually felt like winter! That meant good business for the Sunburst Ski Resort in Kewaskum, where kids on a school trip cut through the fresh snow on the slopes.

"It's been busy.  It started out with really, light fluffy snow.  The phones rang off the hook all morning and then the wind kicked in.  It got a little quieter after that," Meg Sedgwik with Sunburst said.

Sunburst is expecting a busy weekend, as more people see the snow and feel like getting out their skis.

By rush hour Friday, major roads in Milwaukee County had been hit by the plows, but grew increasingly slick as temperatures dropped.

Earlier in the day, Milwaukee County had more than 50 plows and salt trucks on the roads.  By 7 p.m., it scaled back its efforts.

"It’s really been slushy. The temperatures have been dropping, and there's been obviously a lot of blowing snow, and that’s probably the biggest problem we’ve had," Jack Takerian, the Director of Highway Operations for Milwaukee County said.