Coalition for Justice marches in Milwaukee to honor Philando Castile, Alton Sterling & more

MILWAUKEE -- Peaceful, yet disruptive. That was the goal of a Coalition for Justice rally and march Monday, July 11th that began at Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee. That location was not chosen by accident. Red Arrow Park is where Dontre Hamilton was shot and killed by former Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney in 2014.

Dontre Hamilton and Christopher Manney

Nate Hamilton

Hamilton's brother Nate is very active in the Coalition for Justice.

He said the recent events in Louisiana, Minnesota and Dallas have reminded him of what happened to his brother -- and pushed him into action.

Nate and his family joined others -- chanting and holding signs -- eventually marching through downtown Milwaukee.

The rally and march lasted more than four hours.

Coalition for Justice rally and march

Hamilton said the rally was for Philando Castile, Alton Sterling and many others.

"We march for everybody everybody without a voice. This is a fight to a better life," Hamilton said.

Coalition for Justice rally and march

"I'm fed up," Maria Hamilton, Dontre Hamilton's mother said.

"It doesn`t matter if you are black or white or brown or where you live. We are all one people, all one community," Michael Aronow said.

"I've been wondering what can I do and I think this is the first step in doing something about the injustice," a demonstrator said.

Coalition for Justice rally and march


Nate Hamilton told FOX6 News the group did not have a permit for this demonstration.

"I don't believe in permits. It wouldn't be a protest if we had to pay for a permit. It wouldn't be a civil disobedience if we had to pay for a permit," Nate Hamilton said.

Protesters blocked cars and Milwaukee police officers worked to keep traffic at bay -- at one point blocking off the interstate.

Coalition for Justice rally and march

Stops were made at the Federal Courthouse at on the steps of the Milwaukee County Safety Building.

Organizers said it would be a peaceful demonstration.

"It has to be peaceful because we have to show the police and our fellow citizens we are together and we can do this peacefully," a demonstrator said.

Several police officers worked to make sure demonstrators and others were safe during this protest.