Coalition for Justice holds "a day of resistance" in Red Arrow Park for victims of violence

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee's Coalition for Justice joined dozens of other cities around the country on Saturday, August 8th for what they called "a day of resistance."

Red Arrow Park

The group gathered at Red Arrow Park, the site where Dontre Hamilton was shot and killed by a former Milwaukee police officer in April of 2014. The group stopped traffic to get their message across.

"This is something that is not going away," said Nate Hamilton, Coalition for Justice founder, and brother of Dontre Hamilton.

A vivid demonstration was held in Red Arrow Park on Saturday.

Trash bags represented body bags that were tagged with the names of real people who have died in the past year.

"The harsh reality of what it means to lose loved ones in violent ways," said Steve Jerbi with All Peoples Church.

Nate Hamilton

The group says the deceased shared similar fates.

"Unfair policing and unjust violence and death," said Jerbi.

Coalition members say these are the names of people killed at the hands of police, or while in police custody.

This weekend marks the one-year anniversary of the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri -- one of the names recited Saturday in Red Arrow Park.

"We will not shy away from injustice. We will ask for truth. We will ask for purity when it comes to Dontre Hamilton, when it comes to Michael Brown, when it comes to Sandra Bland," said Nate Hamilton.

Coalition members say they are not singling out any one person.

"We want to look at how policing happens in our country, so we are talking about training, we're talking about education, we're talking about engagement," said Jerbi.

Coalition for Justice

And to get people talking, the members picked up the bags and crosses and marched down Water Street.

"We are going to memorialize these brothers and sisters at our federal courthouse," said Nate Hamilton.