Co. Supervisor compares John Doe investigation to Watergate

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee County Supervisor Mark Borkowski has at times, considered himself an ally of Scott Walker. They often voted together on conservative issues when Walker was the Milwaukee County Executive. However, Borkowski says he is extremely disappointed with the latest allegations of two more Milwaukee County staff members, all in Walker's cabinet, being accused of working on his or other campaigns, while also working on the taxpayer dime.

Darlene Wink is facing two misdemeanor charges and Kelly Rindfleisch is facing four felonies of Misconduct in Public Office. Rindfleisch's office as Deputy Chief of Staff was just feet away from Walker's. "When you start putting in a different communications line with the sole purpose that the public doesn't know what's going on, I'm sorry but this is very Watergate like," Borkowski said.

Borkowski is referring to allegations by the District Attorney's office that say investigators found an "unofficial email system that was routinely used by selected insiders of the Walker Administration." It included networking devices and a router hidden in an armoire in the Rindfleisch's office. "Now I really wonder what the next shoe is gonna be that drops because too many people have been given immunity, and we haven't heard from them yet," Borkowski said. Meanwhile, Governor Walker insists he knew nothing.

Walker spoke at a Wauwatosa business on Friday for the first time about the John Doe investigation into his current and former staff.  "County employees, in my office, my cabinet or elsewhere were prohibited from using County resources or County time to be involved in political activities," Walker said. Walker said he has and will continue to cooperate with the investigation.

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