Close call caught on cam: Wauwatosa officer's elbow struck by passing SUV

WAUWATOSA -- A Wauwatosa police officer had a close call on Feb. 13 -- and it was all captured on dashcam.

Officers responded to check on a female who was wandering in the middle of N. Mayfair Rd. on that Wednesday. During that incident, an officers elbow was struck by a passing SUV's right-side mirror.

Wauwatosa police officer struck by passing vehicle

The officer suffered a minor injury.

The driver of the SUV received a traffic citation for failure to change lanes for a stopped emergency vehicle.

Wauwatosa officials urge all drivers to move over or slow down when you see an emergency vehicle. It is the law.

Wisconsin State Statute 346.072(1)(a) and (b) requires that motorists must: