Cliserio Florez (11-30-12)

MILWAUKEE -- Law enforcement has been looking for 52-year-old Cliserio Florez for about 26 years.

Back in 1986 Florez was in a south side bar called El Tenampa, when he got into an argument with another person.

Police say as a result of that argument Florez shot the victim one time in the chest and fled.

"The victim looked at our suspect and said 'so you think you're a man with that gun?' And the suspect pulled out his pistol and shot him one time," Milwaukee Police Detective Steve Caballero said.

Florez, accused of first degree intentional homicide, hasn't been seen since.

Investigators say Florez's family helped police solve the crime, and they continue to reach out to them to see if they know where the fugitive is.

"We're hoping the family can help us once again. We'd like to bring this person to justice and get justice for the family," Caballero said.

Because Florez hasn't been seen since 1986, investigators say he may be back in Milwaukee feeling the lapse in time might mean less pressure to search for him. 

Anyone with information on Florez' whereabouts is asked to call (414) 297-3707.