Cleaning company offers germ-killing tips, services during coronavirus pandemic

NEW BERLIN -- In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, practicing healthy hygiene is extremely important, but so is keeping the spaces around you free of germs.

One local disinfection service is working day-and-night to blast away bacteria. Based in New Berlin, one Enviro-Master Services franchise is busier than ever.

At Brew City CrossFit in Milwaukee, nasty germs resting on kettlebells, exercise bikes and everything in between stand no chance against Enviro-Master's virus vaporizer.

Emily Casey

"That sprayer emits a germicide that will kill colds and flu, norovirus...different forms of coronavirus, swine flu and 47 different organisms," said Emily Casey, Enviro-Master franchise owner.

Casey and Lee Jarson say the chemical blasts 99.999 percent of bacteria away from any given object.

"The sprayer we use places a positive charge on the germicide," said Casey. "If you were to spray it directly at a dumbbell, it would adhere to the entire dumbbell, not just the part you sprayed it at."

As cases of coronavirus continue to climb, the Enviro-Master Services franchise owners have had their hands full.

Lee Jarson

"The amount of calls we've been fielding has gone up tremendously," Jarson said.

Gyms, bars, restaurants and even grocery stores throughout southeast Wisconsin have requested the company's disinfection services. But Casey and Jarson say there are certain areas at home you should focus on while cleaning.

"Kitchen, bathrooms, door handles, remotes," said Casey. "I don't think people realize how often they need to clean their cell phones."

Above all, the pros remind everyone to wash their hands.

The chemical the company uses is environmentally friendly. They say a professional cleaning service, like theirs, should be used to disinfect public spaces at least once a week. Given the current situation, they are cleaning some of their clients' spaces -- including Brew City CrossFit -- as often as three times a week.