City of Milwaukee seeks resident input for five-year plan

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The City of Milwaukee is looking for input from residents as it prepares the five-year consolidated plan and strategy. City leaders are going above and beyond to get feedback in order to make positive changes.

Residents in Harambee neighborhood gathered Saturday, March 15th at the George Washington Carver Academy with the hope of guiding area improvements.

"We want our community in Harambee to be one that people want to come to. We want to build it up and we want it to be much better than it's even been," said Rochelle Landingham with Westcare Wisconsin.

City leaders say that's exactly what they want people to be doing.

"We are initiating 18 community meetings for public hearings regarding the U.S. Department of House and Urban Development's consolidated plan for the next five years," said Steve Mahan, Director of the Community Development Grants Administration.

By mandate, Milwaukee is only required to hold three meetings. Mayor Tom Barrett, however, decided to break the city into 18 strategic areas. Those 18 meetings will produce varying plans to address the specific needs for which the City of Milwaukee will use funds.

"Annually, we receive about $20 million in funds. Some of those funds are dedicated to certain areas or categories," said Mahan. "The block grant is a malleable program. You can use it on everything from housing, economic development, to youth services and senior services to infrastructure and beautification of neighborhoods."

Leaders say the way for residents to get the money allocated the way they feel is necessary is to add their own two cents. Residents were asked to take a survey.

If you missed the meeting in your specific area and would still like to add your input, you have until April 6th to fill out a survey.

CLICK HERE for the survey.