City of Milwaukee in need of volunteers to work polls in November

MILWAUKEE -- With a little over three weeks to go until voters take to the polls on November 6th, the city of Milwaukee has announced it is still in need of volunteers to work the polls on election day.

Milwaukee Election Commission Director Neil Albrecht says he's expecting a high voter turnout for November's election -- and that requires a poll worker staff above and beyond what the city normally uses.

"The city has 193 voting cites and for an average election we would have 1,100 to 1,200 poll workers working at those sites. For this particular election we`re looking at having between 2,200 and 2,400," Albrecht said.

To make sure all of the city's voting sites are sufficiently staffed, Albrecht says the Milwaukee County Election Commission is asking for the public's help as they still need to recruit more than 100 volunteers.

"We invite you to participate in a very meaningful way in the election. It`s a little bit more than voting in the elections -- it`s actually seeing what goes on behind the scenes and it`s very educational opportunity," Albrecht said.

Albrecht says he is confident the polling sites will be fully staffed by November 6th which means a smoother day for voters at the polls.

"The more poll workers we have a at a site, which is the goal we are trying to attain, the quicker the lines will move," Albrecht said.

Poll workers get to earn a little extra cash, but applicants like Mark Dunigan says volunteering gives him a sense of civic pride.

"A sense of fulfillment -- just being able to help and give something back," Dunigan said.

Poll workers earn $21.75 for training and $130 for working the full election day.

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