City not reconsidering Little Musekgo Lake Park plan

MUSKEGO -- Some Muskego residents wanted city leaders to reconsider their vote to develop some pricy property into a park. That hope met the wrecking ball Tuesday night.

The Muskego Common Council voted in January to buy two waterfront properties. These properties border the Little Muskego Lake, where the city hopes to develop a public park. The Common Council approved the $3.6 million plan to build the park by the lake a few weeks ago.

The plan to build the park along Little Muskego Lake has been met with controversy. Supporters of the park plan say it's an opportunity to draw in people, invest in the city and improve the quality of life. Opponents say it's a waste of taxpayer dollars.

Those opposed to the plan were hoping city leaders would reconsider it during a meeting Tuesday night, but they did not. The group Muskego for Ethical Government held protests, asking for more information about the development plans and filed a petition to put the purchase to a vote by the people. More than 3,400 signatures were gathered, and Tuesday, the Muskego Clerk's Office deemed the effort insufficient, saying the group failed to attach the purchase proposal. It is expected that the group will make the minor changes, and resubmit the petitions before the deadline Monday.

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