Church partners with Six Flags to match unemployed with jobs

RACINE -- A Racine church became the bridge to get the unemployed matched up with some much-needed available jobs Monday, after the church partnered with Six Flags Great America.

A steady stream of people flowed through Abundant Life Church Monday hoping that the church, through its project New Life Organization will help them land a job. Executive Director Elliott Cohen says the group has partnered with Six Flags Great America, and has come up with a solution to help them both.

"They need bona-fide workers, and we need jobs. One of the negatives that's happening is the situation with the buses, with us not being able to have buses to transport individuals out to Six Flags. That cut out a lot of people who would have otherwise applied. What we've decided to do is take our vans," Cohen said.

Richard Zicarelli has been out of work for awhile now, and says the van transportation is the best part about this opportunity. "Transportation is very limited for me. I don't have a car and not much money, so that will really help out a lot," Zicarelli said.

The church opened its doors so people out of work can use the computers to fill out job applications online, knowing if they get one of the 100 Six Flags jobs, they have the transportation to get down there and back. "Get on the computer, fill out the application. It takes you about 10 minutes, and then you're done," job-applicant Brian Sykes said.

Cohen says there has been a diverse group of people coming to the church. He says the downturn in the economy did not discriminate. "In the city of Racine, we have the highest unemployment rate in the entire state of Wisconsin, so we want to do our part in helping address the need for jobs, especially for those who have been hit by this economic crisis," Cohen said.

Cohen is hoping more organizations in Racine will partner with Project New Life to help transport people to Six Flags if they're hired.

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CLICK HERE to visit the Six Flags Great America careers page and apply for available positions online.