Christmas presents stolen from single mother's home

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A Sacramento mother of four says someone broke into her home and stole all of the gifts she bought for her children.

Angelica Huitt has been preparing for Christmas for months by stocking up on presents. Her car was filled with wrapping paper and bows.

"I got this tree to put their presents under but we don't have any now," Huitt told KTXL.

The single mother now has nothing to wrap up for her little ones.

Huitt is in the process of moving her family into a rental home in south Sacramento County.

"Tonight was going to be our first night together, all of us. I haven't slept here at all," Huitt said.

But when she got home from work Tuesday she found a rock and shattered glass in the room where she was keeping over $1,000 worth of gifts for her young kids.

What's scarier is that Huitt thinks the burglars were inside when she arrived. "I think they were hiding in the attic," Huitt said.

Outside, a T-shirt sat near the shattered window. In the front yard, she found a teddy bear inside a trash bag. Huitt believes burglars left it behind.

As Sacramento County Sheriff's deputies began investigating and dusting for fingerprints other neighbors came by expressing sympathy.

"I am very sorry for her," said neighbor Julianna Sipos.

They say this has happened before in the neighborhood.

"We had our house three times broken," Sipos said.

Huitt said she's been working three jobs so she could give to her kids this holiday season.

"I worked really hard and I missed a lot of time with my kids," she said. "That's going to waste now because I wanted to give them a good Christmas."

A few neighbors do have surveillance cameras and were checking to see if they caught the break-in.

Huitt said Tuesday night is going to be her first night sleeping at her new place and that her landlord has promised to add an alarm system, which will help her feel safe at home.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family.