Chisholm defends chief investigator in John Doe investigation

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm is defending the lead investigator in the John Doe investigation into employees who worked for then-County Executive Scott Walker.

A report on pointed out that David Budde had a "Recall Walker" sign in his front yard and an iconic "Blue Fist" union poster on his home's front door. The report questions Budde's impartiality in the John Doe case.

Chisholm has told FOX6 on a previous occasion open partisanship in his public integrity unit is prohibited.

In a statement released by Chisholm Monday afternoon, May 21st, Chisholm indicated he questioned Budde about the signs. Budde said his wife, a County employee, placed the signs there about a week ago.

Chisholm said in his statement: "I do not regulate or control the constitutional freedoms of my employees' families in their private lives. They have the right, under state law, and in this case, County civil service rules, to express their political views, as does any other citizen."

Chisholm goes on to say: "David Budde did not sign the recall petition and has conducted himself professionally and independently in this investigation."

This comes as Milwaukee Mayor and Democratic candidate for governor Tom Barrett has been demanding Walker address the ongoing John Doe investigation. Barrett has asked that emails relating to the investigation be released before the June 5th election, and also that Walker answer the question of why he has set up a legal defense fund if he is not a target of the investigation. Barrett has questioned what/whom that legal defense fund has paid.

Still, even Barrett would not speak to the allegations that the John Doe investigation's chief investigator is allegedly taking sides. "I have no idea who this person is, so I have no comment on that," Barrett said Monday.

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