Child care centers react to guidelines for students to return in fall

MILWAUKEE -- Many day cares are already back in business – just with a smaller group of kids allowed. That's one of the challenges child care directors are preparing for as they expect more kids to need the care -- but not as much room.

While schools will look different in the fall, so will child care facilities.

"Our industry will really do their best at trying to provide care and education for the children - we're hoping we can have enough spots for them," said Jessica Thorpe of St. Anthony Preschool and Daycare.

They are being creative on how to accommodate every family while not having a full enrollment due to COVID-19.

The biggest challenge – virtual learning.

"They're going to be coming from all different schools all different grades so it's going to be pretty challenging for the childcare teachers to be able to really make sure that virtual learning that is intended is followed through," Thorpe said.

Employees at Ebenezer Child Care say it'll be particularly hard for the kids doing an A/B rotation.

Leslie Hundt

"The most challenging part probably would be incorporating the chrome books into the classroom for those children who are on the A/B week and so they still have to be doing school work on their off week," said Leslie Hundt of Ebenezer Child Care.

Typically, the child care centers take care of kids on school days off, before and after school, and summer. Now, they think they'll have kids on a regular basis.

Some parents are worried there won't be enough space for those kiddos.

Child care employees say the best thing to do is plan ahead.

"I think that most programs will find a way to accommodate the needs of families because that's what we do," Hundt said.

Child care workers are reminding parents this is another change for kids -- so try to remain positive and plan ahead.