Chief Flynn visits Next Door Educare center to discuss parenting, early childhood education

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn was in the classroom Wednesday, March 8th.

He was joined by the "Council for a Strong America" at the Next Door Educare center Wednesday morning. The Council "promotes policies that prepare children and teens to lead productive lives."

Chief Flynn and Council members emphasized why public safety, national security and the economy all benefit when we prepare young moms and dads to be better parents and expand participation in quality preschool.

"Long-term change comes about through engaging with generations of kids that are coming from circumstances of extreme disadvantage, who have already been born with two strikes, and if we can help stabilize their environment by helping to stabilize their parents, we can make a real improvement in their lives," Chief Flynn said.

The Council called on lawmakers to promote specific policies that will impact at-risk families and kids living in poor communities right now.

Flynn was joined by the chairman and CEO of Northwestern Mutual and retired Navy Rear Admiral Gerald Clusen.