'Chief Comfort Officer:' Work of trained golden doodle in high demand amid pandemic

Aidan the service dog

BROOKFIELD -- A local tech company has a chief comfort officer who is a bit furry. He is a dog.  As employees return to work, the golden doodle's comfort is needed now more than ever.

"His title is that of Chief Comfort Officer," said Suman Atreya, CEO of ThoughtFocus.

"He's 80 pounds. He's a big boy," said Samantha Kandah, Aidan's handler.

Aidan the service dog

Aidan the golden doodle is a 10-year-old trained comfort dog specialized to work with kids with cancer, veterans, and hospice patients. He is also the mascot for ThoughtFocus, based in Brookfield.

Aidan the service dog

"Aidan's responsibility is to provide that comfort feeling for everyone in the company," Atreya said.

"It's the perfect time for him to be doing all this work," Kandah said.

Aidan was hired into his role six months ago. But his love is needed now more than ever amid the pandemic.

"When he senses someone his stressed, he'll get closer and his body wrapped around your body," Kandah said.

Aidan the service dog

Aidan also has a children's book -- teaching kids about kindness and compassion. But as he gives hugs to those who need them, Aidan has been feeling the weight of isolation too.

"He's been pretty down the last couple months because he can't go out and see his regular patients," Kandah said.

Aidan is taking virtual visits. If you would like to schedule a visit or to buy his book, CLICK HERE.