"Check the roads before you travel:" 300 DPW workers on standby for weekend snow

MILWAUKEE -- Bring it on! That's what those in charge of Milwaukee's snow plow operation are saying about our area's first major snow event of the season.

Milwaukee's Department of Public Works says they will do whatever they need to do to keep the streets safe, as predicted snowfall Saturday night through Sunday hits.

The sanitation trucks are being fitted with plows to get ready. The city says there are more than 300 workers standing by to work 12-hour shifts. They've been preparing since Wednesday, putting a brine mixture on major streets to prevent the snow from sticking. It's something they've done on bridges in the past. This is the first time they've expanded this treatment.

102 drivers will come in for a 12-hour shift, then another 102 drivers take over. An important thing to keep in mind, there may be a snow emergency called, but for now look to the parking signs to tell you if you need to move your car so you won't be towed.

The city is also asking people to patient. Plow trucks operate best at 25 miles-per-hour.

Here's a look at the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works snow preparedness plans for December 10-11:

    Meantine, ReadyWisconsin is warning people about the upcoming storm and precautions you and your family should take to keep safe.