Center for Veterans Issues offers free haircuts for veterans

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- You only get one first impression, and with a potential employer, that impression can be the difference between landing a job and heading home empty-handed. The Center for Veterans Issues in Milwaukee is working to help veterans make a good first impression by providing them free haircuts.

A simple haircut can not only change your look -- but can help to change your life.

Twice a month, Janice Paynes volunteers her talents with a trimmer at the Center for Veterans Issues. She is the stylist behind the "Free Haircuts for Veterans" program.

"When you think about, like, the veterans -- what they did for us, that`s the least that we can do is just come in and offer them free haircuts," Paynes said.

Servicemen and women from all eras and branches have sat in Paynes' chair.

"All of them have different stories," Paynes said.

The program is designed for veterans who are unemployed and looking for work. A little trim off the top can go a long way in helping veterans find employment.

"Just by getting a haircut, just for anyone, it helps boost up their self-esteem, gets them work ready, gives them a more professional look," Paynes said.

For veterans like Jeff Jones who have put the working world behind them, every little bit helps the budget.

"When you`re on a fixed income, you gotta find ways to stretch the money," Jones said.

No matter the reason these veterans find their way to Paynes, the result is always the same.

"You feel good about yourself. You can stick your chest out a little if you want," veteran Isaiah Miller Jr. said.

The service is offered from 9:00 a.m. until noon every other Monday at the Center for Veterans Issues, located off of Court Street in downtown Milwaukee.

The next event is Monday, February 10th.

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