'Celebrating heritage:' Holiday Folk Fair attendees take a trip around the world at State Fair Park

WEST ALLIS -- People experienced cultures from all over the world at the annual Holiday Folk Fair International Nov. 22 through Nov. 24. Visitors said it was the perfect way to kick off the holiday season.

Gina Jorgenson

Several people took a trip around the world on Sunday, Nov. 24. Well, a trip around a room at the Wisconsin State Fair Park. It was part of the 76th annual Holiday Folk Fair International, where delicacies from all over the world were under one roof. This year's theme was "Celebrate the Culture of Language."

"Everybody is celebrating their heritage, and it's a way to keep all those traditions and those beliefs, customs, foods, and dances," said Gina Jorgensen, honorary chairman.

Holiday Folk Fair 2019

Holiday Folk Fair 2019

Cultural traditions and items were on display as thousands of people learned about the history behind them. Some people kicked off the holiday season by doing some shopping.

"We're trying to decide what kind of treats we're going to enjoy," said Toni Holland, Mequon.

The World Cafe offered ethnic treats from all over the world, including Italian and Irish food.

Holiday Folk Fair 2019

John Kish

"I like their cookies," said Juliet Ahangar, Mequon.

"You can eat yourself around the world," said Jorgensen. "It's amazing."

Other guests enjoyed learning about the cultural heritage of people living in southeast Wisconsin.

"I think we need more international-mindedness, for sure," said John Kish, Milwaukee.

Holiday Folk Fair 2019

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