Celebrate National Plug-In Day by test driving a Tesla

WAUKESHA (WITI) -- The third annual National Plug-In Day is being celebrated on Saturday, September 28th and Marshall Auto Body in Waukesha is offering the chance to test drive the Tesla and other electric vehicles.

"We're excited because this is a good chance for us to show everyone what these cares are like and what the future is like," said owner Scott Marshall.

Running entirely on electricity, the Tesla can go more than 250 miles on one full charge which costs about $10.

"It's a wow, no doubt about it. It's a beautiful piece of engineering. It's a beautiful car," said shopper Peter Luksha. "I would hope that this is a game changer."

Marshall Auto Body has gotten the attention of potential buyers, as well as manufacturers, by serving as an electric car charging site and investing in solar energy.

"Not only because it's good for the environment, but it's good business. It really is. It's profitable and it's actually the right thing to do. It just makes sense," said Marshall. "Electric cars are not just almost as good as gas cars, or kind of like, but actually better."

Marshall Auto Body is one of only four auto repair shops in the country certified to service the Tesla.