Cedarburg turns out to "Give Jimmy Some Green"

CEDARBURG (WITI) -- There's a comprehensive effort going on in Cedarburg these days to make a certain popcorn stand man stick around. It's called "Give Jimmy Some Green."

Jimmy Fortunato owns and operates the well-established popcorn wagon in Cedarburg. But in 2013, health concerns cooled his kernels for a couple of key, money-making months. While he healed, mentally and physically, Fortunato was still only half-popped -- and fearing he's be forced to sell.

"It was sad when I felt like I was leaving Cedarburg down by getting rid of a tradition," said Fortunato.

Meanwhile, several Cedarburg businesses have volunteered to offer "Jimmy" specials. For example, during an event at the Stilt House, a dollar per beer goes to Jimmy. At Bohemia, Jimmy gets $10 per sale of a particular print.

The popcorn wagon's fundraising continues online through April 14th. CLICK HERE for more information.