Cedarburg police warn not to fall for the latest scam making the rounds

CEDARBURG -- The Cedarburg Police Department posted to Facebook on Wednesday, February 15th about a scam that appears to be making the rounds this week.

Officials say in the last 24 hours, they have received several reports regarding subjects posing as a police officer or court personnel requesting the resident to obtain gift cards to post bail for a relative (usually a grandchild) who is in jail.

You are strongly encouraged not to fall for this scam. Officials say the courts DO NOT accept gift cards as payment.

The Cedarburg Police Department Facebook post goes on to say:

"As always, you can contact us if you feel the call is suspicious. You can also always contact the “arresting agency” on your own by looking up their phone number and calling them to verify the information. It only takes a few minutes to do and you’ll end up doing yourself a favor in the end. Please be cautious with anyone who’s demanding payment over the phone or via gift cards."