Caught on camera: Georgia parents say "a sick person" sprayed poison onto their son's slide

COBB COUNTY, Georgia --  A Georgia family is demanding answers after their home surveillance camera captured what they say is someone spraying poison on their son's toy.

"This is unacceptable," Kathleen Petka said.

Petka and her husband Jeff never thought twice about leaving their young son's toys in front of their Cobb County home.

"You think you can leave your kids toys out and they'd be safe," Petka said.

But after they found a substance on their two-and-a-half-year-old's slide, they said they believe someone left poison on it.

"He can get sick, and you'd have no idea that he's been poisoned or something," Jeff Petka said.

Surveillance video, handed over to Cobb County police, shows someone at the slide early Thursday morning, March 16th. The video shows the person standing in front of it, reaching into a pocket and appearing to leave something on the slide.

"It's just a sick person. I have no idea," Jeff Petka said.

The suspect's shoes may have had traces of the poison on them because the footprints left behind killed the grass.

"For something to basically almost burn the kill the grass that quick would have to be some sort of poisonous substance," Jeff Petka said.

Neighbors in the quiet community have shared information on social media, and are taking steps to stay vigilant.

"Our next door neighbors, they bought cameras but they just haven't installed them, so they're going to install their cameras," Kathleen Petka said.

While police investigate, these parents said they'll be keeping their toys inside.

"I couldn't sleep last night. I was so concerned, you know? Why would someone target a child's toy," Kathleen Petka said.

The family said no other neighbors have reported any incident similar to theirs. They believe they were randomly targeted.