Caught on cam: Motorcyclist hits dog, another rider narrowly avoids being struck by truck

OMRO, Wis. -- A motorcyclist strikes a dog while on a group ride -- and a fellow rider nearly gets struck by an oncoming semi. It was all caught on camera -- and is now going viral.

The video, posted by YouTube user Travis Meyer, shows a group ride that was taking place on a two-lane highway near Omro on Saturday, April 16th. During that ride, a dog ran out of a farm field, across the lane, and a motorcyclist in the left part of the lane struck the dog and flew off the bike.

But that's not all. A rider who was behind the motorcyclist that struck the dog fell off his bike and slid on the ground. Somehow he manages to get out of the way of an oncoming semi.

The caption on the YouTube video indicates the "rider on the first bike had some road rash, bruised bones and bruised kidney."

A blogger identified as Biker Dad on Facebook interviewed two of the riders involved in this incident. That interview is in the Facebook video just below.