"Catering to the rich:" Protesters gather ahead of Gov. Walker/Pres. Trump fundraiser in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Demonstrators gathered Tuesday, June 13th in Milwaukee to protest a visit by President Donald Trump, who joined Governor Scott Walker for a fundraiser in Milwaukee Tuesday evening.

Pres. Trump arrives in Milwaukee

Ahead of that fundraiser, President Trump spoke at Mitchell Airport about health care, and visited Waukesha County Technical College, where he led a roundtable discussion on workforce development.

At the airport, a small group of hand-selected gusts were thrilled to have the opportunity to get an up-close experience with the commander-in-chief.

"I give him an A+. He has been getting a lot of things done, even though they are relatively unnoticed. I think he is going to make America great again," a supporter said.

Pres. Trump arrives in Milwaukee

"If there is anyone who can accomplish things it can be him," a supporter said.

In downtown Milwaukee, a less enthusiastic crowd greeted him. Protesters gathered with large puppets in tow.

"We have people working two and three jobs to make ends meet. Low-wage Walker, he's snatching food literally out of peoples' mouths," Marcelia Nicholson, Milwaukee County supervisor said. "We're here today to show Walker, to show Trump working people fuel this state, and together we're going to to elect a governor that puts working people first."

To get into the fundraiser, attendees had to pay $1,000. Protesters said that was fitting.

"Just shows you the disconnect of the working people of Wisconsin," Nicholson said.

"I haven't seen the benefits of Scott Walker's plans. I don't know who is benefiting. I think companies are probably benefiting, and high level employees are benefiting, but I think for the average worker, we have't seen the benefit he's promised. It's more of catering to the rich people while everyone else is in the dust," a demonstrator said.

Anyone who wanted a picture with President Trump at the fundraiser had to pay $10,000.

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