Cars on city streets may be subject to towing if not moved

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- With the snow letting up for a couple of days, car owners who haven't moved their vehicles from city streets could find themselves in a bit of trouble.

Some cars on the east side are sporting stacks of tickets as they haven't been moved in days -- each one with a $45 price tag.

"It's not fair to everybody else trying to find a spot and people are just going to leave their car out here for days with it snowed in," said Jordan Karrhardie.

Those parking on city streets are supposed to be moving their vehicles to the correct side of the street, depending on the day, so plows can get to work. Along with several parking tickets, cars could be donned with a light blue slip of paper from the City with a 72-hour warning to move the vehicle before it is towed -- a $105 fee.

"I've seen people get towed just the other day when the blizzard hit and it was kind of crazy so I'm glad I remembered to park on the right side of the road," said Josepha Grewe.

Parking rules vary by neighborhood, however during the winter, the entire City of Milwaukee is under the 24-hour rule.