Carroll University's 'unofficial grandma' celebrates 94th birthday

Carroll University

WAUKESHA -- Gertrude Ullsperger celebrated her 94th birthday Thursday, Jan. 30.

She has served more than 50 years in the Carroll University dining hall and has become known as the school's "unofficial grandma" while interacting with students.

On her 94th, there was a cake and plenty of hugs to thank her for her time at Carroll -- and for her friendly smile.

Gertrude Ullsperger

"It's just wonderful that I'm a part of Carroll University and all the wonderful people that I work with," Ullsperger says. "And I love the students, too."

Gert, as she's affectionately known, says she tried to learn all of the students' names, but now it's difficult. She used to learn their names when they paid for their meals, but now, with new technology, students swipe their cards to pay -- so she doesn't get that same connection.

She does, however, try to talk to students as much as she can.

Gertrude Ullsperger