Carjacked at the car wash: Woman struck by her own vehicle before violent crash after pursuit

MILWAUKEE -- A woman says she suffered broken ribs after she was struck by her own vehicle, taken in a carjacking at the car wash! During a pursuit, the woman's stolen vehicle was involved in a crash, and three teenagers were left seriously hurt.

Car wash near 29th and Capitol

The carjacking victim spoke with FOX6 News on Monday, December 18th, who said she was feeling the effects of her injuries. But the worst of the injuries were suffered by the three teenagers, ages 17, 17 and 15, involved in the crash.

She said she stopped at the car wash near 29th and Capitol Sunday to clean her car before church.

"I raised my head up and there was a young man with dreadlocks in my car," the victim, named Carolyn said.

After stepping out to dry off a wheel, she said her car was taken in just seconds. She was struck as her vehicle pulled away.

"My passenger door was open, so he hit the accelerator going backwards where I was standing and the car door slammed into my rib cage and knocked me to the ground," Carolyn said.

Car wash near 29th and Capitol

In too much pain to talk on camera, Carolyn asked that we not share her last name. She said she was in disbelief to learn her vehicle was involved in a crash.

Marsalas Davis

Police said officers with the "Robbery Task Force" spotted the vehicle and pursued it, but they lost sight of it. A short time later, the vehicle crashed at Fond du Lac and Locust.

"I look up and I see this black car coming really, really quick without his headlights on," Marsalas Davis said.

Davis was with his mother and brother. They were in one of two vehicle struck by the stolen vehicle.

"If you look at the car, none of us should've walked away without a scratch on us," Davis said.

The three teens in the stolen vehicle weren't so lucky. Two 17-year-old boys and a 15-year-old girl remained in the hospital in serious condition Monday.

Crash at Fond du Lac and Locust

Meanwhile, Carolyn said seeing her vehicle involved in a violent crash like that leaves her with a heavy heart.

"I do forgive the young man, but we need to do better. We can't continue to allow this to happen," Carolyn said.

Crash at Fond du Lac and Locust

Crash at Fond du Lac and Locust

Crash at Fond du Lac and Locust

She said she's hopeful parents will talk to their teenagers and show them reckless behavior comes with consequences. She said this incident has changed her life completely, and she's praying for the young suspects involved.