Car smashes into front of home near N. 27th & Vine following Walgreens robbery

MILWAUKEE -- A car chase that started at a Walgreens on Milwaukee's northwest side ended with a car smashing into the front of a home near N. 27th Street and W. Vine.

The incident happened Saturday morning, July 25th around 9:00 a.m.

Authorities say it all started when three armed and masked men robbed narcotics from the Walgreens located in the 1400 block of W. Burnham Street.

Police say the men took off in a car and later crashed when the driver attempted to make a turn and swerved to avoid another vehicle.

Authorities say the men fled the scene.

Recovered from the vehicle were the stolen pharmaceuticals and a semi-automatic pistol.

Police say they have not made any arrests.

According to officials, the house was abandoned and owned by the city -- it was scheduled for demolition.

FOX6 News will monitor this investigation and will update when more information is available.