Car break-ins spike on Milwaukee's south side

MILWAUKEE -- Lock your car doors, and hide your valuables.  That's the warning from Milwaukee police after a string of car break-ins on Milwaukee's south side.

Milwaukee police say they've seen a spike in break-ins in an area from S. 8th St. to 21st St. and W. Scott to W. Orchard St.  Thieves are looking for purses, electronics and GPS devices that have been left behind. "My sister-in-law's boyfriend's truck was broken into.  He had over $2,000 worth of power tools in there," Gary Gruenweller said. Gruenweller explained how thieves went through the truck's sunroof in a recent attempted robbery.

Another neighbor says he's seen robbers canvass the area.  "He's just walking around and tries to see the windows in the cars.  See what he can get," Jose Juan Ruiz said.

If you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood you are asked to call the Milwaukee Police Department's non-emergency number at 414-933-4444.