Captured: US Marshals seek Keion Carter, a man they say has been on a violent crime spree

MILWAUKEE -- As trees begin to bloom, the search is on for a 23-year-old who is on a violent crime spree in Milwaukee.

"The best way to see what someone is going to do in the future is look at their past," the deputy U.S. Marshal on the case said.

Authorities are after Keion Carter -- known by his nickname of 'Dolla' and 'Scarface.'

"He's wanted by the Milwaukee Police Department for two separate warrants," the marshal explained.

Prosecutors say on February 1, Carter broke into an apartment building he no longer lived in. He entered the unit of two women -- and used a baseball bat as his weapon.

"He punched one of the female victims in the face and ended up hitting her with the bat," the marshal said.

Carter is accused of stealing cash, a cellphone and an Xbox from the apartment. Then on February 19, Carter was charged with robbery and misdemeanor battery for choking, injuring and stealing $100 dollars from a woman he was dating. Prosecutors say he did this when the victim refused to give him money.

"Mainly within the past few years he has had firearms on his person," the marshal said.

Authorities say Carter can be recognized by tattoos on his arms -- including one of the Pillsbury dough boy holding a bag of money.  He can also be identified by the distinct feature by his eye.

"Keion goes by the nickname 'Scarface' -- and that's because he has a birth mark on his face that's very noticeable," the marshal said.

U.S. Marshals say Carter has strong ties to Rockford, Illinois. His family is aware he is wanted.

Now, Marshals are asking the public for tips that can lead to an arrest. But perhaps Carter himself is willing to end this search.

“Even though these alleged charges are out there, this is the best thing he can do for himself -- is show the judges he's willing to cooperate," the marshal explained. "The best thing for anyone on the run to do is turn themselves in."

Update: FOX6 News learned on Thursday, May 23 Carter was picked up by Milwaukee police for armed robbery. He had two warrants for his arrest.