Captured: US Marshals need your help in search for Terrance Williams, age 59: 'He should know better'

MILWAUKEE -- He preys on women. He is on the sex offender registry. He is now a fugitive from the law. Authorities need your help tracking down 59-year-old Terrance Williams.

“Terrance Williams. He's wanted for failure to appear for a trial and also a failure to register and update his registry,” the agent on the case said. “The trial he failed to appear for involves sexual assault of a child.”

U.S. Marshals say Williams is accused of numerous sex assault crimes. He was about to go on trial in 2016 when he failed to appear in court.

Investigators interviewed a group of girls who became victims of Williams between 2009-2011. The allegations are disturbing. They range from Williams sexually assaulting one of them, inappropriately massaging them, and masturbating in front of them.

Williams was originally convicted for a 1999 sexual assault and battery.  Prosecutors say he beat the female victim at a public park. His weapon was a hand railing.

“He essentially kidnapped her in a car drove her to a park pulled her out of the car from her hair,” the agent explained. “He threw her to the ground, beat her up, put her in the back of the car in the truck, and essentially had her perform sex acts on him.”

Investigators say the victim was covered in blood. She reported Williams to the police. Authorities say he has ties to Chicago and Hammond Indiana. But his strongest ties are to Milwaukee’s north side.

“It's a pretty big concern because he's committed these acts in the past. He's 59 years old. By this time, he should know better,” the agent said. “He's probably still up in the area of 15th and Atkinson or 15th and Nash. Somewhere along that area.”

Williams disturbing pattern of behavior makes him a risk to the community. U.S. Marshals are asking for any tips that can lead to his arrest. Call the tipline at 414-297-3707.