Captured: US Marshals arrest Kenneth Twyman, described as a 'complete menace to this city'

MILWAUKEE -- It's one of the most disturbing cases ever featured on Wisconsin’s Most Wanted. U.S. Marshals asked for your help locating 19-year-old Kenneth Twyman. On Wednesday, Feb. 27, we learned Twyman was arrested in Little Rock, Arkansas.

"He is the definition of being reckless and a complete menace to this city. I’ve never seen such reckless behavior in my days,” said the deputy marshal on the case when FOX6 profiled Twyman as part of Wisconsin's Most Wanted in December of 2018.

Marshals said dashcam video showed Twyman behind the wheel of a vehicle that fled from police -- blowing a stop sign and crashing into another vehicle near 55th and Congress. The suspect bailed and left his passenger behind, as well as the innocent people in the other vehicle.

“That vehicle he collided with, there were four passengers in it, three of which were young children," said the deputy marshal.

When police searched the vehicle, they uncovered a "mobile drug house."

"High amounts of drugs in there. Firearms, magazines, ammunition," said the deputy marshal.

A trail of evidence led to Twyman, including seven flip phones and the suspect's personal iPhone. The execution of a search warrant revealed videos of Twyman on the phone.

"There's very disturbing depictions of him carrying firearms, long guns like AR-style weapons. In video very alarming, he is driving in a vehicle, puts the weapon out of the car and shoots recklessly out the window into a neighborhood," said the deputy marshal.

A trail of drug-related content was found on each cellphone.

Officials described Twyman, facing charges for recklessly endangering safety, fleeing from police and possession with intent to deliver marijuana, cocaine and heroin, as standing 5'9" tall, weighing 130 pounds, with several tattoos on his arm and lower neck.

"He goes by 'Lil Slapper' and also 'Roro,'" said the deputy marshal.

Again -- Twyman was in custody as of Feb. 27.