CAPTURED: Tousani Tatum (5-31-13)

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- U.S. Marshals are looking for 38-year-old Tousani Tatum -- a man they say is linked to both drugs and guns. Marshals have visited several homes, but so far, there is no sign of Tatum.

Tatum is accused of violating his parole several times over the last several years and eventually vanishing from law enforcement.

Investigators say he's hiding behind one of about two-dozen aliases and possibly moving from house to house.

"Criminal history is drugs, some marijuana, but mostly cocaine. He's known to carry weapons and also use weapons," Fugitive Task Force Detective Phil Carini said.

Carini says in 1996, Tatum got into an argument and resolved it through gunfire.

The man Tatum shot survived, and Tatum was charged and convicted in the case -- but fell into a pattern of prison and release, supervision and parole violation -- eventually disappearing in 2012.

Tatum is described as 6'3" tall, weighing 260 pounds.

He is believed to be hiding out on Milwaukee's far north or northwest side.

If you've seen him, U.S. Marshals want to hear from you at 414-297-3707.