CAPTURED: Marshals search for fugitive, 37-year-old Timothy Kallin

WAUKESHA CO. (WITI) -- U.S. Marshals are looking for 37-year-old Timothy Kallin -- accused and convicted of a forceful sexual assault.

Kallin was convicted of a sexual assault back in 1997. Investigators say he was on a local college campus, got into a dorm and forced himself on a female student. She managed to scream and alert some neighbors and Kallin ran away.

Kallin was later caught, convicted and served his time.

Kallin became a registered sex offender, but this past year, law enforcement officials say he stopped living at the city of Waukesha home he was supposed to be at. That's a violation, and the reason he's a fugitive.

Law enforcement officials believe Kallin could be hiding out in Waukesha County.

One law enforcement official calls Kallin "a predator" and says Kallin is someone law enforcement would like to see locked up.

Kallin is described as six feet tall, weighing around 220 pounds.

If you've seen him, U.S. Marshals want to hear from you at 414-297-3707.